Feedism a priori: 101

I feel that we need a starting point for this research – some context to help set the scene and the direction I hope this will take.

Here I wish to explain my own understanding of, and definition of, feedism. This is a priori: based on my assumptions and without any proper research – like a Daily Mail article – purely for entertainment and to spark discussion. I want to know if you agree, or disagree, and how you define it yourself.

First of all, I consider “fat appreciation” and feedism separate. Fat appreciation I consider to be an attraction to fat that could be compared to more ‘stereotypical’ attractions; such as to boobs, shoulders, men in leather jackets, “booty”. I think this type of fat appreciation has been unfairly “fetishised” by its non-mainstream status, stigma, and public ‘distaste’. Within my personal group of friends I know at least 5 girls and a handful of guys who admit attraction to fat, curvy or big (all used in context as a euphemism for fat) people. This equates to roughly 10% of my intermediate friends, and about 20% of my close friends who would be likely to divulge this type of personal and ‘stigmatized’ information. This suggests it is quite common.

Feedism is related but may not occur in all cases of fat appreciation. Feedism is the true fetishisation of fat appreciation and sexuality, and appears to have a number of dimensions. I would class feedism as a paraphilia: “…sexual arousal and gratification, involving a sexual behavior that is atypical or extreme”. I would suggest it is an evolution of fat appreciation – taking some aspect of fatness and making it a focal point of sexual arousal. ‘Obsession’ over these focal points may lead to a particular appreciation or ‘need’ for certain activities or details:

Typical examples include events or activities surrounding weight gain – excessive/greedy eating, stuffing, weighing and measuring, feeding, outgrowing clothes, laziness

There seems to be a strong overlap with BDSM, (loss of) control and public stigma – forced feeding, over-eating/stuffing (often compulsive), fat humiliation, (public) stuckage

Some (common) extreme themes such as immobility, loss of fitness, health difficulties associated with obesity, inactivity, inability for ‘activities of daily living’ such as washing/dressing/dependence, food addiction/dependency

A language of feedism is also apparent – capturing aspects of these themes and becoming sexual elements themselves (words epitomize stories and fantasy) – piggy, fatty, greedy, belly all act as a source of sexual arousal for me. I am hoping to capture this vocabulary in my research. I also intend to analyse fat fiction to look for recurring words that might reflect these key concepts.

Please comment, or contact me.

Curious feeder


Stuffing and bloating. Case study

This girl (not me) is uncomfortably full after stuffing.

She appears to focus on the restriction of movement it gives her, and the discomfort induced by constriction by her pants when buttoned. Implicit in this is the fact that they are outgrown.

Some selected comments:

OMG, you sound as if you were redy to burst this time. And I loved it! Exspecially when you closed your jeans you moaned as if you feared your poor swollen tummy might pop. This is far beyond hot!

Defining the feedism playground: A quick questionnaire

In order to start research into feedism I want to establish the boundaries of interest. I need your help to do this. I have a good insight into my own desires and aspects of the fetish that appeal to me, but I am also aware that there is a great deal of variety and I do not represent every single FA and feeder. I am particularly lacking in the viewpoint of females, feedees and stuffees.

— Update: we currently only have 2 female responses compared with 12 male responses. Ideally we need a balanced response to get representative views!

I want to start with a short, simple and open ‘questionnaire’ to get an idea of all the themes and concepts that are prevalent in this fetish realm. I then intend to design a more specific quantitative questionnaire to get a numerical picture of how common certain elements are.

All information collected will be anonymous and only summaries will be posted. Quotes may be used too, but only with your explicit permission.

For this early stage in the research I am interested in how you characterise your particular interests in fat and feederism. What desires and drives do you have? Is it a powerful urge or a background, passing appeal? Do you have specific fantasies? Are there particular words and concepts that help define your fetish, or turn you on, or trigger fat related fantasy or action?

I have designed a short interview at the following location: http://alturl.com/mbvhj

It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete.

Thanks for taking part.

Any queries can go to curiousfeeder@gmail.com

– Curious Feeder

Dr Mark Griffiths’ site on compulsive behaviours and paraphilias

This site is excellent and forms a partial guide for what I would like to achieve – a series of well-researched, thoughtful narratives.

I would like to focus entirely on feedism, and make an academic resource for this.

I would also like to establish a community behind this in order to facilitate and inform active research.

Mission statement

There are a number of websites and blogs exploring fat acceptance, fat admiration, feedism (or feeding, feederism). It is my intention to create a centre for academic research and understanding of these concepts. To my knowledge there is nothing out there like this.

This blog is just the beginning of this. I hope to build a small community of intelligent, engaged individuals in the feedist community to help design research to fill this niche. My educational background is in neuropsychology and neuroscience of addiction and phobia. I am myself an FA (fat admirer) and feeder. I wish to understand these concepts better using a scientific approach. If you think you can help, please get in touch.

Curious feeder.